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Stanton Fisher Ltd are a claims specialist based in Sale, Greater Manchester and Dublin, Ireland. We have become an established presence in the claims industry since our inception in 2010. We take a keen interest in social, political and economic issues from around the globe and will be providing topical content on a regular basis. We also have a UK blog which focuses on other interesting topics such as technology and media, in addition to insights on current affairs.

Stanton Fisher specialise in claims for payment protection insurance, mis-sold mortgages and mis-sold investments. We provide our advice for free with no obligation and operate strictly on a no-win, no-fee basis. If you decide to initiate a claim, we will always aim to process your claim in the quickest time possible, which includes chasing the lender about the progress of your case. We will file all the necessary paperwork and ensure that you get the settlement you deserve which includes the interest owed. Our team of experts possess a wealth of experience meaning your claim will always be handled in a professional manner and every case will be assessed on its individual merits. If you would like to hear more about our happy clients then please visit our testimonials. 

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Stanton Fisher News

  1. Jayne Ridsdale

    Just wondering if id b entitled to anything iv overpaid. I have a car loan with ge money and a mortgage with them too in ireland.

    1. Adam Porteous Post author

      Hi Jayne,

      I just saw your comment on our blog. Are you interested in making a claim? We can submit data requests for free which will enable you to see if you have been paying PPI and a claims adviser can discuss your potential claim with you.

      Stanton Fisher

  2. Adrianne

    I wondering if I would be intitelled to anything I paid a load of PPI in February will I be able to get that back

    1. Adam Porteous Post author

      Hi Adrianne,

      If you were mis-sold a PPI policy then you are eligible to claim. If you enter your details in the form here then one of the teams representatives will contact you to discuss your claim. Please reach out on here, or via social media if you have any questions.

      Thanks SF


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